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To partners

To partners

"ArtshAni" is one of the leading companies in the Russian market which produces fruit and vegetable juices. We are always ready for new partnerships, so we offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

We have been on the market for more than 20 years and cooperated with international chains of supermarkets, hypermarkets, online stores such as “Magnit”, “Pyaterochka”, “Magnolia”, “Vash Dom”, “OKEY, “ ASHAN ”,“ GLOBUS and many others. You will have a large selection because we present 120 types of natural juices and nectars, the recipes of which we have improved over two decades.

With the help of innovative technologies, we maintain the maximum taste and useful nutrients of fruits, berries, and vegetables in juices, nectars, fruit drinks, and compotes. Product manufacturing is in strict accordance with GOST, without the addition of preservatives, GMOs, artificial flavors, and colorings, which is essential for proper and healthy nutrition.

You will have a partner who works for clients, adhering to a high level of business ethics. Are you looking for a business partner you can trust? Then feel free to contact us. We are always happy and open to a fruitful cooperation.